360° HD

Clearer and Better

Seeing a loose diamond in 360 𞥊 HD super zoom eases decision-making about the diamond you’re willing to purchase.

You can design your Engagement ring by choosing a loose diamond that fits all your criteria.

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Design your Engagement Ring

Select the diamond shape you want and filter your options by using carat, color, clarity, certificate, and budget as a factor. We offer a wide variety of diamonds to match your requirement and specifications. You can then match the diamond with a beautiful ring setting and a metal of your choice.

Certified DIAMONDS

Each loose diamond that belongs to Timeless Life Treasures is certified and conflict-free. You can view certificates from the top 3 grading laboratories: GIA, AGS, or IGI, on our website.

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Diamond Education

We understand the importance of purchasing diamonds. Therefore, our diamonds are handpicked and graded against their color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Our education section will help you confidently make the right choice about buying the perfect piece.

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